We are Biba

Thirty years ago, a group of young, idealistic designers and engineers was getting ready to approach the world with eager eyes and a strong belief that they could make society a better place. They were still inexperienced, but they were tenacious, driven and curious. 

Above all, they were filled with endless hope in their abilities and the awareness that they could use their talent for good. Creating baby products seemed to be the next natural step for all of them. 

Over the years, they contributed to the baby product industry with ideas that turned into unmistakable items of defining high quality. However, the prospect of delivering articles that only a few parents could afford was not the most desirable outcome for any of those young professionals. 

That is why, with thirty years of experience in the field, today those professionals focus on crafting products that are as beautiful as they are attainable, and they do so with the same enthusiasm, eagerness and ideals they had thirty years ago.