Leslie Anderson Biba Stroller

lesliecathleenStrolling with my homies + my cold brew. Thanks to @biba_m_usa these two are cruising in style and comfort. Light and easy to transport + affordable. Infant insert available. #sponsored #momapproved #bibam #doublestroller

whitley_lyons Love the caption! 😂 and I love your dress! 😍
jennifahbravo Ooo love to learn of light and easy double strollers! Surprisingly hard to find one that’s just right!
weekendfamgoals I like how you’re rolling momma👌🏼
ohthatsmomsense I need one in my life!
zhannagorbunov Cold brew is just the best!
momsquad.app Love it! What a great combination!! ❤️
sundayswithstacie Love this double stroller!😍
hisushimama That wall! And of course coffee 😍 ☝🏻💕
stephanie_minix Looks awesome! We need one of those soon!
stephanie_minix Looks awesome! We need one of those soon!
stephanie_minix Looks awesome! We need one of those soon!
everyvikicmoment You are always styling! Even that dress I’m jealous I can’t even wear just a t shirt yet
life.with.twins.plus2 That looks like an awesome side by side! Totally could have used that with the twins. 😉
millermyerandme Love that background! We need a double stroller too!
thisjoyful_life Looks like an amazing stroller!
homewithhaleyeby  This is such a cool stroller!!
samra.tee This is so adorable
mrs_imboden I need this double stroller in my life!
gabigrillo Aww yes that’s a perfect way to stroll
jenmren Love that dress – you look effortlessly lovely

Biba Stroller Meghan Joy


Walking into the unknown… the new… the unseen, can be scary. It takes faith over fear . Whether it’s change, transition or total newness, it’s new territory to travel upon and the unexpected is around every corner.

To some, it’s uncomfortable. To some, it’s exciting. I’m just at a place where I don’t want to let the comfort of conventional stop me from dreaming big and walking into new places and spaces.

John 10:10
“I came so they can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of.”

One life to live. In preparation for life eternal.

In our recent adventures, the @biba_m_usahas been our new companion. A good swivel stroller is key to a mama’s exploring with the kiddos! Loving our new @biba_m_usa!